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Faculty Survey Completed

Last summer, faculty and staff were sent the official Marlborough Faculty/Staff Survey 2010 via email.  The survey was similar to the parent and student survey conducted last year but focused on faculty and staff member’s individual experiences with the culture and work environment at Marlborough.

 The goal of the survey was to highlight what faculty and staff members saw as strengths and weaknesses of the School and to provide goals for Marlborough to work toward.

The survey was a great success, with an impressive 98% response rate and plenty of helpful suggestions and comments.  Both staff and faculty members generally felt that they were well engaged with their work at Marlborough, that there is a strong sense of community in the school, and that they are supported by the community and Administration as a whole.

While the results of the survey were typically positive, not all feedback was endless praise for these ever-graceful halls of learning.  After all, it can’t be all fun and games for that math teacher attempting to wrangle his 16 hyper middle school students, all of whom are on a post-lunch sugar high.  Some of these focus areas included the interaction between faculty and staff, Professional Development, and new technology introduced this year.

One suggestion in particular we can all relate to.  According to one survey response, “Work never ends when you are a teacher at Marlborough.”

Although it may seem hard to believe, your science teacher with an ever-present grin and sunny disposition is almost certainly working as hard as you are, all to ensure our quality Marlborough education.