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AHA gives arts, no stress

To get more seventh and eighth graders involved in the performing arts at school, a new After Hours Arts (AHA) program began at the end of September.

The program consists of four classes which meet after school once a week for an hour and a half. Students can take one or all of the classes for the rest of the year.

The program was created to give younger students the chance to participate in the performing arts “without creating too much pressure,” said Anne Scarbrough, Performing Arts Department Head.

“When we broke our department down by grade, we saw that there wasn’t enough opportunities for seventh and eighth graders. There isn’t always a first semester dance show for them, and the middle school play doesn’t happen until the spring,” Scarbrough said.

Classes include Studio, Spins, Singing and Hammer Time.

The program began at the end of September and will continue throughout the rest of the year. Seventh and eighth graders will also have the chance to join the program at the beginning of second semester.

AHA is not a program that makes cuts, but in order to join, students have to go through an audition/interview process to meet the teachers and learn what to expect.

Many Upper School thespians, including Jamie ’13, said they wish could have participated in a program like AHA when they were in Middle School.

“I wish I could have had the chance to do this in seventh and eighth grade, and I think it’s awesome now that they have a technical aspect to it,” Jaime said.