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Wall-E is our future… at least the fat roly-polies are

Here’s a fact: 38 states have adult obesity rates above 25 percent. I can see it already.

Fifty years from now we are all going to end up as the fat roly-polies in Wall-E floating above the ground in our cushioned chairs, sipping soft drinks, and watching television on a virtual screen literally in front of our eyes.

Who knew a Disney cartoon movie had the ability to predict the daunting future. This idea is shocking but true.

How is this even possible in our current diet obsessed society? In nearly every magazine you pick up you can find a section with the latest butt toning moves, the right meals to eat or secret tips to maintain your “Summer Bod.”

But why is this having a reverse effect? Why have adult obesity rates jumped in twenty-eight states? Who is to blame? Maybe it’s the food industries creating new foods every day that are addicting and full of preservatives. Or maybe it’s technology. All people seem to do today is move from one screen to another. Not only are these results shocking, but they are just plain sad.

Obesity is deadly, just like cancer or tuberculosis. The media does not pay nearly enough attention to this rapidly increasing epidemic.