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Don’t talk loudly or laugh shrilly

At the beginning of the year, I was introduced to the Marlborough Don’ts, a code of etiquette written by Mary Caswell herself. The UV staff has decided to choose a few of these rules this year and reflect on how they relate to the Marlborough community over 100 years after they were written.

Don’t talk loudly or laugh shrilly. “The loud laugh bespeaks the vacant mind.”

At Marlborough, it is hard to find a place where you cannot hear a shrill laugh followed by even more giggles. Sometimes while I am at my locker, I cannot even hear the bell ring over the loud hellos and frantic questions about homework. While the community no longer correlates volume control with intelligence, perhaps we should maybe tone it down every once in a while? Laughter is the best medicine, but it won’t get you an A.

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  1. Mark Krewatch September 14, 2010

    Love the new look folks — way to go! And is it because I have a new computer, or have you managed to improve the site’s speed?

    Best to all,

    Mr. K

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