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Cafeteria Comparison

Café M is a room of chaos, a vast array of food and mass disorganization.

“It’s the watering hole of Marlborough,” said Siena ‘12, and we love it. Every day we stand in line like routine, waiting to get our fill from our cafeteria. But how does our food source compare to the others in Los Angeles? How does Café M measure up to all of the others? New student Sophie is fresh from Brentwood, and brings with her a comparison of the two cafeterias.

“At Brentwood, the cool thing to have was a snackbar card,” said Sophie, who drew for me a picture of the card. Much like our ID’s, the rectangular card could be preloaded with money; however, with prices at the cafeteria changing regularly, it was constantly a mystery to figure out how much you paid for a meal.
“They also made only one entrée,” Sophie added. “They changed every day and the other food options, no one would know about beforehand. There’s more of a variety here.”
Besides the differences in food choices and the constant fluctuation of prices, Brentwood’s cafeteria is more like a cafeteria. Our café is just that: smaller and more compact, with nowhere inside to eat. But we have a wide range of options and much larger selection of food, with breakfast, lunch, desserts, and smoothies and cookies galore.  We’re lucky to have such a variety. Maybe one day, we’ll even get some froyo.