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New staff, new advisor, new beginnings

Story by Colleen ’10 and Julie ’10

We began this issue with a quick scan of the room. It suddenly hit us – ten seniors would be leaving in just a few short weeks. We’d have six people to put out a 16 page paper in 21 days. This may sound like an episode of MTV’s “The Paper,” but alas, these are our lives.

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, Mr. Krewatch threw us another curveball. *cue dramatic music* He was leaving.

But with a good pep talk from Mr. Krewatch we pulled ourselves together. We triumphed through APs. We managed to heal seniors that were dying of the senioritis plague and we realized that we knew more than we thought.

This year, with ten extremely dedicated seniors, we’ve learned everything from Photoshop to how to best stalk someone for the purpose of newspaper. And next year, we’ll have seven new members and a new advisor who’s experienced with online content.

So get ready for a new season of the UltraViolet with a stellar new cast, and more ways to keep up with the action. The online site was a success this year, but brand new features are on the way including more audio and video material that the whole school can be a part of.

Losing the veterans will be tough, but we’re geared up to take the new year head-on. New faces mean new ideas and a whole new slew of stories just waiting to be covered by the UV. We wish you all a great summer and remember: UV – READ US!