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8th graders raise funds to fight MS

Paris, Katie, organize event at Kitson store

Eighth graders Paris ’14 and Katie ’14 spent the first weekend of May working to raise money for multiple sclerosis. The two organized an event at the Kitson store on Melrose to raise money for the Nancy Davis Foundation.
“My mom is very close friends with Nancy Davis,” Paris said, so she has been involved with the foundation for a very long time.
Paris, Katie, and two other youth were a part of the Junior Committee that organized the event. Celebrities such as Jody Foster and Avril Lavigne were in attendance.
Multiple sclerosis, a disease of the central nervous system, damages the protective covering of the nerves. This results in interference of the brain’s signals to different parts of the body.
A portion of all sales at Kitson this month will benefit the foundation. At the kick-off event May 1, over 1,400 items were sold. The actual amount raised is still unknown. However, the girls believe they raised a substantial amount of money.
“It was really interesting organizing the event,” said Katie.
The girls had to send out invitations, gather supporters (with the help of Facebook), and find benefactors to donate merchandise. Crumbs Bakery, Kitson, and Nancy Davis all donated due to the efforts of the girls.
“Nancy has been creating jewelry and donated a few of her pieces,” explained Katie, “while Kitson and Crumbs contributed as well.”
The two girls not only organized the event, but they participated in it as well. She and Paris were both models in the Kitson charity fashion show.
“It was a really great experience being on the runway at 14,” Katie said.
Overall, the event was a success and the girls plan to hold it again next year. She said it will be held in May once again because it’s MS awareness month.
Katie said that the best part of the event is working for an exciting and worthwhile cause.
“It’s really great working with a charity that is trying to cure and solve MS, because the disease is so different for everyone,” said Katie, “and the symptoms vary as well.”