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We’ll always remember you

Dear UV,

I was blessed enough to know Julia Seigler for ten years, and I can say from the bottom of my heart that she will always be missed. While many here at Marlborough may not have known her personally, or as well as I did, each one of us was affected in some way.

Julia was one of the greatest talents I ever met. With her artistic ability, quick wit, and unique, congenial personality, she made every day brighter for anyone around, not only close friends. Everyone I have ever met who knew Julia absolutely loved her. Who couldn’t? There was not one thing about her short of incredible.

Harvard Westlake’s eighth graders, along with countless others across Los Angeles and even across the country are suffering, and many memorial groups on Facebook have been created. Please join them. Because even if you didn’t know Julia, those who do will be proud to see that she is getting the attention she always deserved. Rest in Peace Julia Seigler. We will always love you.

Contributed by Paris