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Nostalgic of libraries passed, “shush,” girls

The other day, I found myself so vexed by the noise level in the library that I did some investigating on the Academic Resource Center. And what I found was a report on the UltraViolet website, where faculty members claimed that we are moving towards a time when not talking in libraries is becoming outdated. I feel that there is no other choice but to call foul on this strange and somewhat infuriating argument.

Being someone who actually visits public libraries, I can tell you that they are still quiet–one might even say silent. I feel that this abandoning of civilized manners has occurred because the powers that be are afraid to “shush.”

You see, back when we had a real library on campus, the “shushers” were of the lowest caste in the Marlborough society. I suppose at some point, the faculty gave up on “shushing” altogether for the sake of social survival.

But now what are we left with? A room decorated with dioramas and ambiguous purple foam cubes, filled with ninth graders screaming about last night’s episode of Glee. So, in my final two months of Marlborough, I am asking for a change in attitude.

First, to the students: I am sorry that sometimes it is not appropriate to spout out your stream of consciousness at the decibel level of a small airplane leaving the runway. But life is tough, my friends! So please, don’t treat “shushers” like leprosy-ridden vagrants. They are simply asking for a small shred of consideration towards your fellow classmates.

And second, to ARC employees: please, do your job. I know it is hard to constantly be scolding people, especially teenage girls. But jobs are hard! This is why we get paid to do them!

It is time to be the dark knight. It’s time to do the dirty work that you may not be thanked for. I do not think it is too much to ask for one of the best secondary schools in America to have a legitimate library.

Article by senior Faith.