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Gladly gaining “Freshman 15”

Walking into the new Café M, we are overwhelmed by the aroma of freshly cooked raisin cinnamon toast wafting from the kitchen. We grab a tray and use it as a shield while making our way through the army of overzealous middle school tater tot fanatics.

We survey the scene before deciding that our best route of action is to snake through the crowd and make our way to the omelet station. The friendly chefs are seemingly calm despite the chaos and more than happy to make a special-request of chocolate-chip pancakes and omelets of our choice.

Due to the absence of last year’s favorite, 100 Calorie Pack Oreos, and its replacement, chocolate pudding and pastries, everyone will gain “Freshman 15” while still in high school.

After admitting our daily addiction to yogurt parfaits at $3.50 a pop, we calculated that in the span of one school year, we will have spent $630 on those scrumptious treats. Besides feeling responsible for single-handedly keeping the American yogurt business thriving, we are grateful for the variety of breakfast options.

Café M also now has three cash registers to speed up the waiting process while we stare lustfully at our steaming breakfast burrito. We appreciate the salad bar and the plethora of dressing options to suit any taste bud craving.

Students never have an excuse to be hungry again due to the earlier and later cafeteria hours.  Just be careful not to come during peak hours, unless you’re willing to lose a limb in a fight for the last crispy chicken tender.