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Science Dept. looks for input on electives

Dear Editors,

As the Science Department considers what to offer students in 2010 and beyond, we are hoping to get some input from students.  While we have no immediate plans to change our core offerings, we would like to continue to add interesting and challenging electives.

Mechanotronics and Robotics have been very well received as additions to our electives (along with “Science and Society” and Astronomy).  In years past, we have offered Genetics courses and “Human Anatomy and Physiology.”

Teachers in the department have very wide ranging interests and expertise and would be able to offer a number of other electives.  We are looking to the students to help us determine what electives we might offer next fall.  While we may send out a more official (and scientific!) survey later this year, we would love student suggestions. What would you like to take as a science elective?  (This would be in addition to current requirements and would, most likely, be a semester long course.)

Ms. Ellis has graciously agreed to compile student replies to this request – please e-mail her your ideas ( by January 10th.

Thank you!

Ms. Garrison-Ross