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Tennis team improves morale

Annie '11, in a doubles match Nov. 3.
Annie '11, in a doubles match Nov. 3.

With a final record of 8 wins and 6 losses for varsity and 4 wins and 3 losses for JV, the tennis teams played well overall this year and improved their performance in the doubles team, said head varsity coach Dale Jones.

“Our doubles teams have probably been our strongest element of the team this year. Not to say that they’re better players, it’s just that they’ve been more consistent, and some of the teams have really come together,” Jones said.

Varsity team captain, Lauren ’11 said that one particular doubles team, Sophie ’10 and Lucinda ’10, improved the most throughout the season.

“Lucinda and Sophie began the season as the #3 doubles on our team. They were able to beat almost every doubles team they played. They are the #1 doubles seed for the Sunshine League in CIF regionals,” Lauren ’11 said.

In general, Coach Jones said that the team doubled their wins from last year and almost won the league title in a close final competition with eventual champion Marymount. “We actually could’ve won the league. We went to a 9-9 game tie and then we lost in a game count, so in terms of this year in comparison to last year and the progress, I think virtually everybody’s improved and I think the team made tremendous strides,” Jones said.

The JV team also improved its doubles teams’ performance and had a good run despite missing practices until the arrival of new coach Moe Moe Myinttun the second week of practice.

Myinttun started coaching as a tennis pro at age 21 with individual junior and senior players at different levels and ages and has played tennis at the professional and collegiate level. As a junior, Myinttun won the CIF Singles Championship in 2001.

Myinttun said that the JV team overall did a great job “leaving it all on the court” and she said the doubles teams, such as the team of Annie ’11 and Kim ’12,“made good wins.”

“The doubles team of Annie and Kim were very professional on the court. They’re very supportive of each other. They listen to each other
when they are having a tough match,” said Myinttun.