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New coach takes over JV team midseason

The new JV Volleyball coach.
The new JV Volleyball coach.

After Coach Lauren Kroneberger jumped into the JV volleyball coaching position mid-season, the JV team won five games and lost two. The two losses were both against Marymount, the Sunshine League’s strongest program, with the Mustangs putting up a tougher fight in the re-match.

Sammy ’12, who is a hitter and blocker for the team, said that Kroneberger has helped players improve drastically. She said that because Kroneberger has a lot of experience playing and coaching volleyball, she gives the players specific techniques to improve.

“I think we’ve all improved hugely because [Kroneberger] is more organized [than our last coach] and she’s experienced what she talks about” Sammy said.  “She breaks every path down to a step. She shows how your feet should be and how your arms should be, which is key.”

Alex ’11, who is team captain and the starting setter for the team said that Kroneberger brings a great energy to practice and is really motivational.

Athletic director David Collicutt said he couldn’t comment on coaching change, as it was a personnel issue.

Kroneberger has coached a total of four years of club volleyball, and played volleyball at UCLA with fellow Marlborough coaches Becky Green and Elise Carstensen.

Kroneberger has been playing volleyball with Becky since eighth grade and first heard about the JV coach position from her.

Although initially nervous about taking over midseason, Kroneberger said that her first practice coaching the team was a success.

“I think the girls were looking for someone to push them and I think the first practice went really well. The intensity went well on the part of the players and me,” Kroneberger said.

Sammy agrees. “She really just got into [the practice],” Newby said. “Just after the first practice, I saw a huge difference.”

Kroneberger said that she has enjoyed working with the team, as the team has a great dynamic and the players have a drive to improve.

“The dynamic works really well. All the girls are comfortable with each other and they know each others tendencies and personalities,” she said.  “They really want to learn and they really want to get better.”