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Macs make their return

Students work in the new Mac computer lab of the Academic Resource Center.
Students work in the new Mac computer lab of the Academic Resource Center.

Since 1997, Marlborough has put their faith in PCs. Two computer labs, separate from the library, were filled with them. However, it was fairly noticeable that most girls toted the apple logo around campus, only using the school’s desktop computers for quick assignments and printing.

As a result, the administration decided to build two new computer labs inside the Academic Resource Center (ARC), one with Macs and the other with PCs.

Victor Ortiz, associate director of academic technology, said Marlborough decided to incorporate Macs because of their popularity and the multiple opportunities the computers offer.

“They’re a great machine for multimedia,” said Ortiz.

Stuart Posin, director of academic and administrative technology, said students should be familiar with both types of computers in this day and age.

“It is very important for all computer users to be fluent in all major operating systems, which are Windows and Mac OS X,” Posin said.

Formerly, there was a separate language center for Spanish and French classes, but now the regular computer labs inside the ARC will serve as the multimedia center. The PCs have the program Sanako installed on them, which is used for interactive learning.

The computer labs are a “good opportunity for teachers and students who wanted to try to do different things with multimedia,” said Ida Dahan, associate director of administrative technology.

Despite the excitement of new Mac computers, students have been complaining about printing and log-in problems and Wi-Fi connections.

“I couldn’t start my senior page for yearbook because of the new computers. It’s very frustrating that the Macs aren’t connected to the network,” said Lindsay ’10.

Dahan assures us that this period of difficulty is only transitory. Dahan said that they are “trying to make it as easy as possible,” so we will just have to be on “standby” till then.

However, many students are happy with the new set up.

“I think that Marlborough girls will be able to put it to great use and I’m really thankful that they’re here now,” said Marlyse ’13.