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Letter to the Editor

Dear UV,

With all the support from the Marlborough community of major fundraising events sponsored by the Marlborough Student Charitable Fund (MSCF), the misinformation persists that MSCF is a private club, a secret society with limited membership. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. Anyone who is interested in being part of MSCF as junior or senior only needs to get involved with Dollars and Sense in the ninth and tenth grades. Completing the course is the only required step before being invited to join MSCF.

Dollars and Sense classes are held after school for 4 two-hour sessions. Then students teach several sessions of the concepts they’ve learned to younger children at local after-school programs. Admittedly, people on sports teams or in school plays may not be able to participate, but the invitation to join Dollars and Sense is open to anyone who is interested and has free time after school.

For the past two years, MSCF Board members have spoken at ninth grade class meetings to explain Dollars and Sense and its connection to MSCF. Students are encouraged to be part of this unique program. No one who applies is ever dropped from Dollars and Sense. Invitations are still mailed to remind ninth grade students about the program, but really, all that’s required from any ninth grade student is a visit to the Community Service Office or an email expressing desire to be included.

Classes begin on October 6. It’s not too late to join. All that needs to be done is email: and let me know! You are encouraged to be part of this educational, charitable, powerful, and unusual experience.

Laurie Brown