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Faculty have lives outside of school?

Summer brings marriages, Fall will bring babies.

Doug Lowry with his wife, Sarah Shapley, on their wedding day.
Doug Lowry with his wife, Sarah Shapley, on their wedding day.

Andrea Drobnick will take maternity leave later this fall.

History and Social Sciences Department Head Catherine Atwell, Middle School Director Robert Bryan, Mendoza, and Drobnick will be interviewing long-term substitute candidates to cover most of the classes, and Atwell will also take over two classes.

Drobnick and Mendoza are not the only teachers who are expecting babies. Science instructor Amaria Parker is seven and a half months pregnant with a new baby boy.

“It’s exciting having a new person coming into this world. It’s an amazing miracle,” Parker said.

Journalism instructor Mark Krewatch is expecting a baby girl in December. He and his family are extremely excited for the little girl, but he said that they would have been happy with a girl or a boy.

“All either of us care about is having a healthy baby,” Krewatch said.

Drama instructor Doug Lowry and Sara Shapley, long time friends for eight years, tied the knot June 7 at the Rococo Room in Café Santorini, Pasadena. They began their relationship by hiking Runyon Canyon together as friends after initially meeting while working backstage on a play. Lowry was the technical coordinator, and Shapely was the stage manager.

The couple chose June 7 because it was on the same week of their birthdays, creating a week full of celebration. For their honeymoon, they went to Northern California to hike.

Lowry said his favorite memories of the marriage process were “the look she had on her face when she got her engagement ring,” and “the moment she walked into the room in her wedding dress.”

Development Office Assistant Elizabeth Densmore recently married Andrew Culver, her boyfriend of three years on Aug. 8. They had a Catholic wedding at Our Lady of the Lake in Lake Arrowhead.

One of her favorite things about the wedding preparation was the time she spent with her family and friends, Densmore said.

“It was fun working with my mom on all of it. I have four younger sisters, and I’m the first to get married so everyone is excited,” she said.

Densmore and Culver had a two-day honeymoon in San Diego, and are also planning a trip to Madrid, Spain this summer.

Written by Siena