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Letter to the Editor

To The Editor:

The Honor Code is, for me, the most appealing thing about Marlborough. However, something so seemingly flawless is bound to have major flaws. The main thing is that the Honor Code only really works if everyone adheres to it. If one person is dishonorable, the entire system is put to shame. The system of honor is completely disreputable if one person decides to break the system for personal advancement. The Honor Code is put in place for a reason, which is why I was stunned at the number of people who admitted to breaking the Honor Code. The way the school should work, is that everyone should have put themselves down as fives for how well they followed the Honor Code. One of the main reasons I applied to Marlborough was because of the trust that I saw here. If I can’t trust that my words on a test are mine alone, or I can’t trust that girl I passed by in the mods, then who can I trust?