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Student Accomplishments

Yael ’11 has earned the Silver Medal of the Congressional Award. The requirements for this award include volunteering within the community, for which Yael has volunteered 400 hours so far at Cedars Sinai and Glendale Memorial Hospitals, and working on personal development, for which she took flute classes. The other two parts, personal fitness (Yael is a member of the swim team), and Exploration/Expedition, such as the trip she planned to Palm Desert. The awards are cumulative, and Yael hopes to complete the Gold level requirements over the summer.

Sally ’09 was chosen by the Morehead-Cain Foundation to receive a Morehead-Cain Scholarship. She was one of the seventy picked from 1700 applicants. The scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is a full scholarship for the four years along with four summer programs. The programs include Outdoor Leadership, Public Service, International Research, and Private Enterprise. Sally visited the college during their February final selection weekend. “It was really invigorating just to be around so many people who were passionate about so many different things,” Sally said.

Ali ’09 co-authored four papers with her Honors Research mentor on drug use within the population of homeless youth. Ali also “first-authored” a paper about the lifestyle of homeless youth in general. Her papers are currently under review for publication. Ali and her mentor, Dr. Adeline Nyamathi, have been looking into creating art-based intervention programs for teenage drug users.  “I never expected to get so much exposure during this experience,” Ali said. “I really got to see the whole process, from research to publishing.”

Lorraine Lee ’08 will have two papers that she wrote as part of her Senior Honors Project published in a journalism book titled New Age Journalism. The book is to be published by Icfai University Press in India and will come out in September of 2009. It will be translated into many different languages and distributed around the world. Lee’s project last year focused on the decline of print media and the rise in online use. She was originally able to publish the four papers from her project on