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Poetry at Senior Center

Three girls from the poetry club joined with four members of Edu~tainment for Seniors (EFS) to visit the residents at St. John of God retirement home.

EFS, started by Lorraine Lee ’08, writes a quarterly newsletter for the senior citizens and visits them every few months for art and craft activities.

Taylor ’10 and Faith ’10 read poems that they had written themselves, and Harvey and Harding, both members of Chamber Choir, sang with Ernie Scarbrough. Corinne ’10, another member of the poetry club, visited too.

The girls also spent time talking to the residents and making Valentine’s Day cards with them. In a touching gesture,  many of the residents dedicated their cards to the poetry club and EFS girls; Amanda ’09, Nicole ’11, Justine’10, Brianne  ’10, and Laurie Brown, director of community service and internships.

“All the seniors found something they were interested in, which was great since usually some residents are reluctant or uninterested in the art project we teach,” Justine said. “The most memorable part of the visit was when one of the residents read a poem she had written, and after said that we were the most exciting thing that’s happened there in a long time.  When she said this, I realized that the two hours we spent really made a difference.”
Faith was positive about the students’ visit as well.

“It was nice being there because you could tell they were so happy to have us and talk to us,” Faith said.