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New college counselor Michael Heeter visits school, meets juniors

Photo by Casey '10
Photo by Casey '10

“The breadth of his experiences was very attractive,” DePriest said. “He’s someone who can hit the ground running. He has to learn his individual students and the culture of Marlborough, but he understands the admission process inside and out, which is invaluable.”

Yasmin ’10, who was on the student search committee and has Heeter as her college counselor, said she was equally impressed.

“He seemed knowledgeable about a variety of colleges and their locations and did not dismiss the idea of a gap year, giving me the impression that he’s open-minded in his views concerning the array of options one may pursue after high school,” Yasmin said.

Heeter, who is in charge of half of the junior class, met with his students during the days he visited, because his current school is on spring break.

Heeter said he “jumped at” the opportunity to visit because he wanted to start getting to know his students and their families, since the meetings provide him the information for his recommendations.
Heeter is very pleased with Marlborough, he said.

“I love the openness of the parents and students and the high academic, behavioral and communal standards,” Heeter said.

Heeter currently works at Hawken School in Ohio as their Director of College Counseling, a position he has held for six years. Before that, he worked in the admission offices of DePauw University, New York University and Vanderbilt University.