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LETTER: Let’s not be hobos

As someone who has come to school looking like a hot mess more than a few times, I appreciate the practical “substance over style” attitude expressed within the Marlborough community.

However, it has become too casual. We don’t look unified – we just resemble a bunch of tired girls with a mutual fetish for pleated polyester.

Honestly, when the administration announced the changes made to the uniform, I was rather disappointed. I had been expecting a more ‘together’ Marlborough girl, but the revisions didn’t really do anything.

They just made it easier to walk around a certain department in the modular village without having to look over your shoulder every five minutes.

How a student presents herself reflects how she would like people to perceive her, and I feel that our apathetic identity is far more oppressive than any magazine could be.

If we had a more professional look to our uniforms, it would reinforce our identities as strong and savvy intellectuals. Here, it is considered a miracle to get more than eighteen hours of sleep in a week. The rest of the world has never dealt with the trials and tribulations of the Marlborough lifestyle.

So, when they see our greasy tangled hair and ripped sweatpants underneath a pleated skirt (resembles more of a belt than an actual skirt), they aren’t going to think “wow, I bet that girl works really hard and gets good grades!”

Instead it will probably be more along the lines of “ew, you need a shower.” It is kind of hard for someone to appreciate your values and integrity, especially if they’re too busy trying to determine whether or not you’re a hobo.