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Julia Excels at Ryman

As numerous student artists win recognition in the prestigious Spotlight and Art Center awards, sophomore Julia continues to benefit from the honor she won a  year ago: a fully paid admission to the highly competitive Ryman Arts Program at the USC Roski School of Fine Arts.

Art instructor Kathy Rea said that when Ryman contacted her last year looking for applicants, she was excited to announce it in her classes and see who would step forward. Rea said she was pleased but not surprised that Julia, who was then in her freshman class, wanted to apply.

“She likes to take things to the next level of involvement,” Rea said.

Ryman is a free two-year program that selects students solely based on their portfolios. Students receive teaching from college level instructors and are supplied with high quality art supplies at no cost.

“It’s very intense.” Julia said of the 3 hour classes. “I don’t go out on Fridays.”
Instead Julia stays home and works on her assignments to prepare for her Saturday class.

Although it’s a long time commitment, much more than a Marlborough period “you get an intense art experience you couldn’t get in 45 minutes,” Rea said.

Julia is in her final year at Ryman, which focuses on painting. What Julia learns is “based on the teacher,” she said.

“I am currently working with acrylics and portrait models,” Julia said.

But while at the program, she has discovered a real love for figure drawing.

“It really pushes you,” she said.

The effectiveness of the program can be seen in the improvement of Julia’s work.

“I have always been doing art my whole life,” said Julia, whose grandfather is an artist and helped her initial love for art grow. But through her work at Ryman, Julia has learned new and innovative techniques and media from a wide variety of professional artists and teachers.

“She likes to take things to the next level of involvement,” Rea said.

photo by Casey '10
photo by Casey '10