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E&A in Brief

“Uncommon Women” play wins applause

Friends at Mount Holyoke College discuss the importance of women’s role during the 1970s in Drama Ensemble’s performance of “Uncommon Women and Others.”

Drama Ensemble performed on March 12-21 in the Intimate Theater.

“It’s always exciting to see your classmates do what they love, and it’s just amazing. The costumes and the set was really cool,” Evan ’09 said.

Drama Ensemble instructor and Head of Performing Arts Department Anne Scarbrough said that she was very happy that the performance went well, but also very sad that this performance was the seniors’ last.

“I’ve been with these girls for six years, and they have grown so much. They did right by themselves and to each other. I am proud of their work,” Scarbrough said.

-Julie ’10

Dance Ensemble to host Black Box show

This year’s “Black Box” performance with Dance Dimensions will be on April 28 in the dance studio.

The show is a smaller performance of student choreography and works that are in the progress.

To create the black box image, black fabric will be hung on the walls on the studio.

Kelsey ’11 is choreographing for the first time and is the artistic director for a reprise of a piece that was performed at the Evening of Dance in February. Kelsey found the choreography to be fairly easy and thought the opportunity to work with students was helpful.

Kelsey said, “Getting movements out of my body wasn’t difficult, but teaching a class was a whole new experience for me. The collaboration with the other students helped me learn a lot.”

-Brianne ’10