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BBC interviews Sacha ’10

Sacha ’10 met with her heroes Wendy and Ryan Kramer and joined a group of donor-conceived kids and their mothers in an interview with BBC Radio 4 for a program to be aired in April titled, “Who is my half brother?”

Sacha ’10 won the Guerin Prize with an essay about Wendy and Ryan Kramer, the creators of the Donor Sibling Registry (DSR). She traveled to Nederland, Colorado to meet with the Kramers on March 14. On this trip, Sacha was also interviewed by Kati Whitaker, a BBC reporter who is working on a documentary about donor-conceived children in the UK and USA who are looking for their half siblings.  Sacha was asked to elaborate on points made in her Guerin Prize winning essay on the air.

Wendy Kramer said Sacha’s essay dealt well with a difficult topic.

“It gives great insight into the complex feelings and emotions, sometimes very contradictory, that being a donor-conceived can bring about,” she said.

Sacha was inspired by the stories from some of the other donor-conceived children she met in Colorado.

“We were all sharing experiences of being donor conceived children. I found that we shared similar challenges in growing up without a father figure, and similar encounters with people’s misconceptions about artificial insemination,” Sacha said.

Deborah Kidd, a TV producer, is in the process of raising money for a documentary on the DSR and interviewed Sacha for the pilot.