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Kaelen’s vegan recs: breakfast recipes

Graphic by Sophia 22

Breakfast is one of those things that you either love or hate. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of breakfast because I’m never really hungry at 8am in the morning. But despite my dislike for the meal, some of my favorite vegan recipes are breakfast ones. If you’re like me and don’t love breakfast, you can also make these meals as a snack, lunch or even dinner. 

  1. Apple Pie Baked Oatmeal

Not to be dramatic, but my life changed when I discovered baked oatmeal! I never used to like oatmeal, but when I tried it baked, it was seriously one of the best things I’d ever tried. It’s perfect for people who are too lazy to make oatmeal or don’t have enough time (like myself). Baked oatmeal is made by mixing ingredients together and baking them in an oven for 30 minutes. It tastes like a mixture between traditional oatmeal and a granola bar. My favorite flavor is probably apple cinnamon, so when I saw this recipe for apple pie baked oatmeal, I got really excited. And this recipe did not disappoint! It had the perfect apple to cinnamon ratio, and I also loved the addition of the raisins. I’m a big fan of raisins and I think they are one of the most underrated foods. Overall, I would definitely recommend this dish if you are looking for an easy, delicious and healthy breakfast recipe.

  1. Banana Muffins

There’s nothing better than eating a warm, freshly baked banana muffin on a cold or rainy morning! I’ve tried a lot of banana desserts in my life, but I can confidently say that this is one of the best banana recipes ever. The muffins are flavorful, and an added benefit is that they have no extra added sugar. I love to cook these muffins for a bit less time than the recipe says so they are a bit gooey inside and taste like a muffin-pudding hybrid. But you can always cook them for longer than I do if you want a more traditional muffin. I’ve tried both ways, and this recipe always tastes delicious! It’s also an easy recipe that takes less than five minutes to prepare, so it’s perfect to make if you’re busy. If you love banana bread or muffins, I would highly recommend trying this recipe out.

  1. Pumpkin Chia Seed Pudding

I’ll admit that when I first saw chia seed pudding, it didn’t look very appetizing. Chia seed pudding is a mixture of chia seeds, plant-based milk, and spices that soaks overnight to form a pudding-like consistency. When I first heard of it, I did not think that a bunch of seeds soaked in almond milk would taste good, but I was wrong! Chia seed pudding is one of my favorite breakfast foods, since it is easy to prepare and delicious. This pumpkin chia seed pudding is particularly tasty, since it has the perfect balance of fall spices. I’m also a firm believer that pumpkin flavored treats can be enjoyed year-round and not just during fall! Another benefit of this recipe is that it creates a large portion that you can eat throughout the week. So, you can prepare your breakfasts ahead of time if that’s something you enjoy doing. Even my brother, who is the most picky eater I have ever met, enjoyed this recipe and this is one of my family’s favorites!

Kaelen went vegan in 2018 after learning about the environmental and health benefits of veganism. Ever since then, she has been dedicated to trying the best vegan restaurants in Los Angeles and following tasty recipes online. Besides eating delicious food, Kaelen also loves reading, running, and attempting to follow eyeshadow tutorials on YouTube.