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L’dough V’dough: Holocaust survivors share stories and bake challah

Nell Hawley ʼ20 hosted L’dough V’dough, an event connecting Holocaust survivors to teens through storytelling and challah baking, at Marlborough on Tuesday, Feb. 26.

“Our goal was really to connect Holocaust survivors and their stories with students and overall people in the community, whether it be high school students or younger kids,” she said. “We thought they had really inspiring messages––the way they had to overcome so many difficulties during the Holocaust and throughout their life. We hoped people could learn from their resilience and hope for the future.”

Nell ʼ20 is a teen board member at the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust and is involved with their community outreach committee. The committee hosted their first challah-baking event in 2012 at the Museum, and Hawley first brought the event to Marlborough last year.

Nell ʼ20’s committee received a grant from the Jewish Federation Loans Association to complete their project. Nell explained that the event is especially important as younger generations lose the ability to hear first-person stories about the Holocaust.

“Since this is the last generation of Holocaust survivors that won’t survive to talk to future generations, it’s all the more important right now to share their messages, whether it be in-person or in video, to keep their message going so the Holocaust is never forgotten,” Nell ʼ20 said.

Eva Zuckerman, one of the five Holocaust Survivors who participated in the event at Marlborough said she believes this event is important because it will help ensure something like the Holocaust does not happen again

“Storytelling is powerful because people are powerful. I lost my dearest family, so I’m here really on their behalf to make a better world,” Zuckerman said. “Until I die, I’m going to do this because I don’t know how much time I have left.”

Eva Zuckerman speaks with Marlborough teachers and students while baking challah.