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Benefit Cosmetics pop-up closes Monday January 21st

If you search up #popupshop on Instagram, you get over 2 million posts dedicated to these temporary stores. Pop-ups have become a huge trend in Los Angeles and other parts of the world. Pop-ups started to gain popularity after the always crowded and sold out Museum of Ice Cream, which opened in New York in 2016. The trend reached Los Angeles and San Francisco, and soon the Museum of Ice Cream had multiple locations. The immersive, exciting museum became a place where social media influencers would go for photo ops, which skyrocketed the popularity of these immersive experiences online, and in real life. Although they began as a fun experience with no goal besides gaining customers, pop-ups began to emerge where brands would promote a product. Many brand owners took inspiration from pop-up museums such as the Museum of Ice Cream, and believed it would be a great way to promote a product.

In Los Angeles right now, there are many pop-ups where brands are promoting their products. One of the newest pop-ups is the Benefit Roller Liner Diner on Melrose, which focuses on promoting their Roller Lash Mascara and Roller Liner, hence the name. They’re open from January 12th-21st, so go before it’s too late! They offer a variety of special deals, including a free makeup bag when you buy an eyeliner and mascara, and a free mini mascara when you buy an eyeliner. They offer four different varieties of ice cream, provided by Milk Ice Cream, free with each purchase. The diner predominantly sells the two products it promotes, but also sells shirts, keychains, patches, makeup bags, and more!

From the street, the pop-up looks like a bright pink diner straight out of the 1950s. There is an outdoor seating area with a pink checkered floor, umbrellas, and all pink furniture. There’s even a vespa with the Benefit logo which is perfect for Instagram photo ops. Inside, you’ll see a retro diner bar with makeup products laid out for use. There are “waitresses” who are willing to help you try on products and assist you. There are also arcade games you can play to try and receive a free product, and many other retro objects, such as rollerskates, to take photos with, and a pink retro phone. In the back, there is a kitchen where you can take a cute Instagram pretending to wash dishes. The Roller Liner Diner is an immersive experience that is great for photo opportunities.

After visiting the diner, Marcia Prentice, who is a local photographer specializing in interior photography, said, “The Benefit Roller Liner Diner is perfect for taking photos, and has great products as well,” and many others feel the same way. If you are looking for a fun pop-up experience, a new makeup product, or even just an Instagram photo, the Benefit Roller Liner Diner is perfect for you!