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Students revitalize 7th/8th buddy program

This year, new changes have been implemented to the 7th and 8th grade buddy program. This year was supposed to be the program’s last year, however it was brought back and revamped by a group of students.

The buddy program was created many years ago to help 7th and 8th grade students get to know each other and provide the 7th graders an older friend who they could get guidance from. However, besides walking to Larchmont with your buddy for lunch at the beginning of the year, there were few other planned activities, and the students didn’t interact with their buddies for the remainder of the year.

The new modifications to the program are completely student initiated and student-run by the 8th graders from English instructor Ms. Wiseman’s advisory. They expressed interest in re-starting the program, and developing it to encourage more interactions between the two grades throughout the year. The advisory met with Dr. Charles, the 8th grade Dean, about  bringing back and revamping the program.

One of the major changes the students of Ms. Wiseman’s advisory made to the buddy program was that participation is optional. They observed that in previous years, students would walk to Larchmont with their buddy, but subsequently left their buddies to hang with their own friends, which defeated the purpose of the program. Other students simply didn’t want to participate because they didn’t have the time. “Being at Marlborough, lots of the students have other commitments, and it’s really nice to allow students to opt out if they don’t have the time,” Wiseman said.  

Another change this year, is that instead of being randomly paired up by teachers, students will be paired up based on common hobbies and interests. In addition, 7th graders and 8th graders only have to participate if they are interested and committed.

“I personally can see a lot of friendships working and, it’s a great way for the seventh grade to meet the eighth grade.” Molly Sasso ‘23 said.

Prior to Thanksgiving break, interested students from both grades had their first meeting. Molly Sasso ‘23, and Athena Schnabel ‘23 planned a fun activity for the 7th and 8th graders to do with their buddies during that introduction meeting. The meeting was very successful and generated a lot of interest in continuing the program. They plan to have many more meetings and activities in the future.