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Marlborough changes event names to be gender-neutral

Courtesy of Wikipedia
Courtesy of Wikipedia

Recently, Marlborough has started changing gendered event names in an effort to be more inclusive to LGBTQ+ students and parents. For example, Marlborough recently changed the Mother-Daughter Brunch to the Parent-Student Brunch. Over time, Marlborough traditions have evolved to fit the ever changing student body.

“It’s the nature of traditions that they change over time if for no other reason just to stay relevant to the participants,” Marlborough Archivist Peter Chinnici said.

Alliance co-president Alden ’17 said that he believes the transgender community benefits from the more inclusive names.

“Because it’s an all girls school, I see how using female pronouns is okay and accepted. Everyone at this school has experienced being referred to as ladies or girls and I think to acknowledge that there are transgender and non-binary people on campus is great along with not making the assumption that everyone has a mom and a dad.” Alden said.