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It’s a Girl


Drama Ensemble member Lucia ’16 will be playing the role of an Italian immigrant in Drama Ensemble’s upcoming play, entitled It’s a Girl. Being half Italian herself, Lucia’s family background has helped her bring life to the character.

She has been participating in the drama program since eighth grade, and has been a member of Marlborough’s audition-only theater company, Drama Ensemble, since she was a junior.

Every March, the members of Drama Ensemble contribute to writing a play. This year, the play is being directed by guest artist Lizi Watt. It’s a Girl is an original piece about feminism, in which each role is inspired by a different historic feminist figure.  Lucia’s character is based on French philosopher Simone de Beauvoir.

Lucia said she is excited to be playing the role of an Italian immigrant, despite the challenges that come with it. Though her Italian father doesn’t speak the language, Lucia was inspired to teach herself Italian. This has enabled her to better prepare for the role.

“I like it. For a while, I was only allowed to do my lines in Italian, so I had to translate all of my material in the script,” Lucia said.

Her prior knowledge of Italian culture has helped Lucia channel her own character’s roots. Lucia explained that she was nervous about performing in Italian.

“I spoke enough of it that I was able to translate my  lines, but it was still nerve-wracking, because I’m not super comfortable speaking it conversationally,” Lucia said.