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This year’s uniform trends (yes, it’s a thing)

Photo by Nina '18
Photo by Nina ’18

New school year, new wardrobe. Well, not really. New school year, new uniform trends though.

Summer essentials such as Swell water bottles, camp friendship bracelets, and Supergas have transitioned into many students’ backpacks and wardrobes for this year.

Some beloved, favorite accessories, such as Stan Smith Adidas and Marc Jacobs tote bags have made a strong comeback from the 2014-2015 school year.

“I’m really liking Pumas and Adidas sneakers,” Rocky Levin ‘18 said when asked about her favorite shoes.

Levin also noticed some repetition in backpacks and school supplies. “I’ve been seeing a lot of Marc Jacobs pencil cases and backpacks. And I have seen a lot of Herschel stuff.”

Upper school and middle school students alike have caught onto the Stan Smith craze. Nicole Golenberg ’20 says that she likes Stan Smith sneakers because they are “casual but cute and trendy.” Golenberg predicted a return of the leather wrap bracelet craze, and listed Lulu Lemon headbands as a trendy accessory for the uniform. After a few days of style stalking, the must haves for the 2015-2016 school year are in. Step up your uniform game with these fun accessories and supplies.