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Students confront uniform code confusion

The topic of what restrictions apply to the Marlborough Uniform regarding bras arose during the Upper School Meeting on the second day of school, Tuesday, Sept 1. Sophia Goldman ’17 brought up the issue because Tenth Grade Dean and Spanish instructor Sandra Battiata told her not to wear a black sports bra underneath her polo.

Students are questioning what exactly is allowed.

“I think there needs to be more clarification about bras in the Uniform code,” Goldman said.

She is not the only one who feels that there is a need for further clarification regarding the uniform code.

“It’s not fair to penalize students for something that there are no specific rules on,” Abby Ellis ’16 said. She added, “It’s something that seems a little bit taboo just because it’s a little uncomfortable talking about the Uniform code and undergarments, but it is definitely necessary because every single girl here is wearing a bra,” she said.

Assistant Head of School and Director of Upper School Laura Hotchkiss said that she thinks the uniform code is clear.

“I think that if we go back to the statement about undershirts in the uniform code that explains that if you are wearing a t-shirt under your polo, the writing and such is not supposed to show through. I think that it is the same situation with bras,” Hotchkiss said. She continued, “In terms of uniform enforcement, I think if we pay attention to the bigger problems, like skirt length or girls wearing the wrong color outer garment, the other stuff will take care of itself.”