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Turtlenecks Gain Popularity

As Marlborough students, we have very little room for variety within our dress code, which makes putting on the same ensemble every morning pretty plain and boring. There is the classic black skirt and white polo that most students wear, since the violet colored polo isn’t too popular. However, this year many students are deviating from their standard attire. During the winter season, some students are opting  to wear turtlenecks instead. Although we have been allowed to wear turtlenecks to school for a few years now, not many people have actually taken the risk to do it wear the tight-fitting and conservative garment until this year!


But the style has recently transitioned from its perception as “nerdy” to a “sophisticated yet fashionable” look, says style blogs.  Not only have turtlenecks been spotted in the halls of Marlborough, but also on runways during fashion week, top fashion magazines, and in most teenage stores. Turtlenecks’ popularity this season has prompted designers to offer the style in the forms of sweaters and dresses in addition to the traditional shirt. The garment is now not only a look for warmth but also style!