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Teacher Study Tips

Photo by Leora '15
Photo by Leora ’15

With midterm week just around the corner, it’s time to close out of the online shopping tabs, logout of Netflix, and focus on studying. It can be intimidating to sift through an entire semester worth of material, but don’t worry — I have gathered some study tips from some of the very teachers that will be testing you next week!

History and Social Sciences Department Head Michael Rindge suggests focusing on understanding broad topics and trends, not just memorizing dates and names for history exams. He proposes that students study this way by making a timeline or graphic organizer that places events in their social, cultural, and economic context. Another helpful study tactic that he recommends is taking a blank piece of paper and writing down everything you remember about a certain topic. Then, fill in missing information with the textbook and try repeating the process a few days later.

Math instructor Alison Moser recommends creating a game plan from the beginning and making a schedule before you begin exam preparation. She suggests to set up times to study each subject depending on when the exam is. She also advises replicating the exam environment as you study or in other words, “practice as you play.” She warns against listening to music because you will not be listening to music during the exam.

For math classes, Moser recommends reworking problems from old tests. In fact, she says that if you don’t put pencil to paper when studying for math, you aren’t studying at all. She believes that simply rereading notes will not sufficiently prepare students for an exam.