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Jenna’s “Secret Buys”

We all know that going to the supermarket is one of the most boring, dreaded tasks. However, recently I have found that there are so many more fun things to buy than expected. Don’t worry, there is hope! You can now get rid of boring lunches by picking up something a little more hidden next time you are at the supermarket. I have made it my business to find the hidden gems in every market across Los Angeles. Grocery shopping is an adventure as long as you’re looking for the right items.

One of my favorite markets has to be Gelson’s, which appears more upscale in comparison to other markets. It has quite a few items that are much fancier, similar to something you could find at a Joan’s On Third type of place than what you might find at a Ralph’s or Pavillions. My all time favorite lunch is Gelson’s mediterranean orzo salad. I have recently become obsessed with this delicious cold pasta salad, which contains eggplant, basil leaves, peas, sun dried tomatoes, and feta. It is good when you’re craving something on the lighter side that will not leave you with an empty stomach. Every time I see this packed in my lunch, I can’t wait to dig in.

Another secret buy is from a different classic supermarket: Trader Joe’s. The gorgonzola gnocchi found in the frozen aisle mixed with chicken sausage, Trader Joe’s microwavable brussels sprouts, and a yellow onion. For dessert, be sure to pick up Trader Joe’s dark chocolate cookie butter cups…The perfect combination a rich flavor in a snack size package.