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20 Things You Didn’t Know About Mr. Heeter

  1. Photo by Natalie '16
    Photo by Natalie ’16

    He has been to Belgium, Spain, Canada and Italy. Italy is his favorite.

  2. He went to Ohio Wesleyan University.
  3. He always leases a Volkswagen.
  4. He and his three siblings were adopted.
  5. He has perfect pitch.
  6. He is from Indiana.
  7. He has worked at Marlborough School for five years and has helped with the sophomore college tour each year.
  8. He hates onions, ketchup, liver, coffee and other hot beverages.
  9. His favorite chocolates are dark-chocolate-covered walnuts from See’s Candies.
  10. He was mugged and stabbed in the arm when he lived in Dallas, Texas in 1998.
  11. He was also mugged in Detroit, Michigan, and his muggers stole his brand new shoes.
  12. He was second runner up in the 1979 Indian State Spelling Bee Championship.
  13. After seeing Star Wars, he wanted to be called Luke because of his infatuation with Mark Hamill.
  14. He has all recessive traits. He has blonde hair, blue eyes and is left-handed.
  15. He loves Barbara Streisand and had the pleasure of meeting her one day.
  16. He majored in music theory and women’s studies in college.
  17. His favorite show is The Good Wife.
  18. He was nicknamed “Eggbeater” as a child.
  19. He loves Brooks Brothers and Banana Republic.
  20. When he was a kid, he had an obsession with vacuum cleaners.