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Different Looks, Different Destiny

McKenna ’14 / Staff Illustrator
Graphic by McKenna ’14.

On Jan. 30, Nido Tania, 19, was beaten to death in Delhi, India. Tania, who had “northeastern” features and had colored his hair blonde, was called racist remarks by shopkeepers. Tania retaliated by breaking a glass counter in a nearby store, which led the shopkeepers to beat him with iron rods. When the police arrived, they took Tania away but later dropped him off at the same spot, where he was allegedly beaten by the shopkeepers again. The next night, Tania was found dead in his room due to injuries to the head and face. The shopkeepers were only fined.

Tania’s story has inspired a Facebook group called “Justice for Nido Tania,” which has over 21,000 likes. Outraged students and family members rallied for justice for Tania’s killing until the Delhi Police promised them a speedy investigation. Their voice was heard; on Feb. 11, the police arrested the four shopkeepers for the murder of Tania.