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The Five Commandments of Café M

Café M has many unspoken rules. When the bell rings for lunch, the café is filled with hungry students and teachers. A majority of students buy lunch at the café, which means the lines to buy your food are crowded, and there is less time to eat lunch. There are typically only three lines to buy your food, which makes the lines extremely long. Remember these rules and tips for how to best navigate the café.

1. Do not cut in front of teachers. This is probably the most important rule, because if you cut in front of a teacher, you can be on his or her bad side.

2. If you are older than the girl in front of you, you can pass her. If you are a 7th grader, you will definitely get cut in front of. If you are a senior, however, you can cut in front of whomever you want.

3. If you are in a rush, do not go to the “mom line” (middle line). The mom line always takes the longest, and even if it looks a lot shorter than the others, don’t go! There is, however, an exception: Go to the mom line if you forgot your I.D. card. If you forgot your card, the cashiers make you get a slip from Mr. Oie’s office, instead of just taking your name. The moms, that help work at the cashier lines, usually don’t mind and will accept your name.

4. Try to get through the door as fast as you can so that the cold air doesn’t blow on you. At the top of the door, a fan blows cold air right onto your face. This is very annoying, especially on a cold morning.

5. If in a hurry, just grab sushi or a yogurt parfait. Waiting in the long lines for the main meals can take a very long time. If you have a meeting or just want to get out of the crowded café as soon as possible, I recommend just grabbing one of the pre-packaged items.