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School Initiates Arden Project Renovation Plan

Arden Project Site Plan infographic - CopySince the completion of the Leadership in Learning campaign in 2009, the School has set its sights on a new project known as the Arden Project or Open Space plan aimed at expanding the athletic facilities on campus as well the above ground parking. Marlborough plans to finance the project entirely through fundraising efforts, and though no date has currently been set for its commencement, construction is expected to begin in June. The School believes the project will take 15-17 months to complete.

1) A new 45 by 145 ft garden, surrounded by trees, will separate the parking lot from Booth Field and provide students with a sheltered site to relax or study. Additionally, alumnae who donate to the School may choose to have their names etched into the walls of the garden, as a commemoration of their contribution.

2) Two houses on Arden Boulevard will be demolished to create space for an enlarged student parking lot. The construction will increase surface parking only; students will not park underground.

3) Though no new tennis courts will be added, current court length will be expanded by 10-12 ft in order for them to reach regulation size. The School will rent athletics facilities off campus during the construction.

4) Plans for a larger swimming pool are also in the works; the new pool will be at least double its current size and surrounded by bleacher seating. A new aquatic center, containing strength and conditioning facilities, offices  and storage will be constructed underneath the pool deck.

5) Booth Field will be expanded by nearly twice its current length to make room for a full-length soccer field; the vending machines outside of Caswell Hall will mark its halfway point.