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Purple Power Prevails

Varsity volleyball contributed to Marlborough's #PurplePower day. Photo by Lori '14.
Varsity volleyball contributed to Marlborough’s #PurplePower day. Photo by Lori ’14.

And Marlborough Varsity Volleyball spikes for the win! #PurplePower

On Oct. 8, six Marlborough fall sports teams achieved a clean sweep of all opponents. As a result of these wins, the athletics Twitter feed, @Mustang_Sports, blew up with posts and hashtags, especially #PurplePower. The teams that played included 7/8 Tennis, Varsity Tennis, Varsity Golf, Frosh/Soph Volleyball, JV Volleyball, and Varsity Volleyball.

The day started out with a close win courtesy of the 7/8 Tennis team. This game was especially surprising, according to Athletics Director David Collicutt,  because the girls played against Chaminade School, whose team has performed well this year. Collicutt said that the exciting match was so close that a tie-breaker of overall games won determined the victor, bringing even more pride to the Marlborough athletics program.

Next, the Varsity Golf team took on Santa Monica High School. The Marlborough team’s recorded the lowest in Varsity Golf’s history. Marlborough’s coined phrase, “personal best,” applied here when the Marlborough Golf team attained its lowest score in Marlborough golf history.

“The big event that night was the volleyball team, which had an amazing three-level win,” Collicutt said.

The volleyball teams swept Notre Dame High School at each level, but all the games were competitive due to the strength of Notre Dame’s teams. Collicutt continued to say that as long as he has been the athletic director at Marlborough, something like a clean sweep had never happened, even at the varsity level. Once the volleyball girls started to win game after game and Marlborough’s Athletic Council began to post the results on the Twitter feed, #PurplePower came about.