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Ring Ring Ring, Banana Phone!

Photo by Flickr user Sheila in Moondocks
Photo by flickr user Sheila in Moondocks

Bananas definitely get a bad rap. They are often left by the wayside in conversations about interesting fruit. They are just a lonely, common, yellow tropical fruit. I never hear anyone say, “Bananas are my favorite food!” or “I’m craving a banana right now.” Often they are compared to apples and oranges because they are popular but not “interesting.” Bananas are one of the world’s super food, but they are often forgotten about.

Bananas have almost all the vitamins and nutrients that you need on a day-to-day basis. They have potassium to help with cramps of any kind and plenty of fiber to keep your digestive tract clean and healthy. Bananas help keep you healthy in general and can improve eyesight, help soothe ulcers, and strengthen bone density and bone health. Fun fact: a group or cluster of bananas is called a “hand.” Hilarious, I know.

Bananas are also a gift from nature. They are perfectly prepackaged into little yellow presents. The peel provides an easy wrapping so that you can just throw your banana into your backpack, purse, or car and not worry about getting the mushy meat everywhere.

Since you are all now experts on banana benefits, you should probably know how to pick the best banana in the hand. Banana selection is absolutely crucial to getting that perfect banana taste. Bananas should be picked for their bright yellow color, with a hint of green, so that they will ripen within a day or so. They should also be firm and without brown bruises.

Now after all of this banana talk, I am sure that you are dying to eat one now. Bananas can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. My personal favorite is on a peanut butter-and-banana sandwich, but I encourage you to try out as many ways of eating bananas as possible and revel in the glory that this little yellow fruit possesses.