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Checkpoints Strengthen Security

The Detex security checkpoints help Marlborough's security guards keep the school safe. Photo by Sarah '16.
The Detex security checkpoints help Marlborough’s security guards keep the school safe. Photo by Sarah ’16.

This year, Marlborough School has added Detex systems as a tool for security guards. The School’s dedicated guards have always been required to spend their shifts walking around the campus, scanning checkpoints to make sure that everything is running smoothly. The new Detex systems have checkpoints that look like little blue circles and are located all over the School, from the lowest floor of the parking lot to Ms. Wagner’s house!

The security guards rotate throughout the week, and each day a different security guard walks around to the checkpoints. Each time a security guard goes to his assigned Detex point, he scans the system using a cell phone that then downloads the date, time, and how long it took the guard to get from point to point.
The security guards’ phones contain identifying information, so every time they scan a Detex point, the system automatically stores each guard’s identity. This gives the security team a chance to check out the area and lets them know how long it would take to get to a certain point in an emergency situation.The shifts consists of three assigned Detex points for one security guard.
“I think it’s a great system because, if there’s any incidents that occur, they can pull up on the computer the location, date and time. It can tell us exactly where the incident is and how long it takes us to get there,” security guard Tomani Ellett said.
Because these checkpoint methods effectively utilize technology to keep communities safe, ADT security guards use systems similar to Marlborough’s. The Detex system helps the Marlborough security guards make students feel safe, carefree and comfortable. It is easy to neglect how lucky we are to feel so safe at school!