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Where Has Frozen Yogurt Gone?

Many frozen yogurt stands and stores have been closing; has the trend died? Photo by Lilia '15.
Many frozen yogurt stands and stores have been closing; has the trend died? Photo by Lilia ’15.

A few weeks ago I stopped by Larchmont for the first time in months in hopes of satisfying my major sweet tooth with my go-to treat — frozen yogurt, or fro-yo as no one ever calls it — only to find that my beloved Twirl had been replaced. It was hard enough losing Pinkberry two years ago, and now this? I know Twirl closed in October and I know it was because the machines were red-tagged by the health department or whatever, but that is not the point. It is indicative of a much larger problem, namely that fro-yo is obviously no longer cool.


Guys, what happened to the froyo craze of 2008 and 2009? Don’t you remember what it was like to be young and a part of something larger than yourselves? Are taste buds so fickle that they would dump fro-yo in order to run around town in search of the hottest macaroon shop or juicery? Call me old-fashioned but that just seems gosh-darn wrong.


Okay, I (reluctantly) acknowledge that frozen yogurt is not actually healthy for you. Nor is it actually “yogurt” in most cases, but that still doesn’t mean that it isn’t delicious! I’m nostalgic for the days when frozen yogurt shops were as ubiquitous as fast food burger joints or Starbucks (another subject for another day.) I miss all of that, but more importantly I miss the way frozen yogurt makes me feel: infinite with possibilities.


Do you want to swirl Cupcake Batter and Matcha Green Tea to make a delicious Green Tea Cupcake? I sure do. Do you want to pile on the chocolate chips and cookie dough bits only to cover it with a layer of strawberries so the cashier doesn’t judge you? Yes ma’am. I just want things to go back to the way they were, and I know that deep down, you want that too.