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A Guide To Slang

Photo by Chris Colthart.
Photo by Chris Colthart.

By Suhauna ’14 and Remy ’14.


Parents: Feeling chilly

Us: Relaxing

Example: If you wanna reach me, I’ll be chillin’ with my homies at Chipotle Mexican Grill, eating the elusive and tantalizing Quesarito.



Parents: One of Snow White’s dwarves

Us: Something awesome (adjective) or drugs (noun)

Example: Those socks decorated with marijuana leaves are both dope and indicate to me that you are using dope.


Hook up

Parents: Hang out with your buddies

Us: Make out, or any sexual behavior that might come after that

Example: If we’re going to hook up again, please do us both a favor and get some mouth spray that isn’t the Canadian Bacon one you’ve been abusing.



Parents: Lots of Love; Let’s Order Linguini; Living On a Ledge

Us: Laughing Out Loud

Example: When you spend $180 at LF on a pair of “trendy” overalls with fish on them, I LOL.



Parents: Acronym for “Secretly We Are Gay,” or possibly a blanket term relating to all things Justin Bieber, who uses “swaggie” in his hit song “Boyfriend.”

Us: The groovy way one presents or carries oneself, visible in the way one dresses or talks. An abbreviation for “swagger.”

Example: When I wear my Snuggie and attempt to wall twerk, I have undeniable swag.



Parents: Something that is too small; for example, clothing.

Us: Synonymous with “awesome,” or used to describe people who have a close relationship

Example: My friend and I are so tight that sometimes we clip each other’s toenails.



Parents: A device that helps one accomplish a task, e.g. a sledge hammer

Us: A person who acts like a pompous, pretentious fool

Example: No tool pulls off a deep, chest hair-baring V-neck like the original tool, Simon Cowell. 