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A Day in the Life: Security Director Jose Hernandez

Director of Security Jose Hernandez began working at Marlborough in the fall of 2009 after working at an aerospace company as a production controller for eight years and as assistant director of security at the Mexican Consulate in MacArthur Park for a year. Hernandez had never worked at a private school or around girls and initially was concerned about how friendly the community would be. However, he said he soon realized how helpful everyone was. During Summer School in 2011, Hernandez began experiencing severe headaches, and on Aug. 7 he found himself in the hospital after increasing facial swelling and eventually had to have brain surgery. Hernandez returned to work on Jan. 15 and was soon promoted to Director of Security.
“He’s a good guy, he’s a hard worker, he stays motivated and keeps us motivated,” security staff member Leo Murillo said. “He’s a good boss.”

6:15 a.m.
Hernandez begins his day by ensuring the campus is safe after the previous night, checking the alarms are on and the campus free from break-ins or hazards. Once this procedure is complete, he disarms the alarms and raises the flag.
Photo by Claudia ’15
7:15 a.m.
As students arrive on campus, Hernandez manages the drop-offs at the Rossmore Avenue Driveway and helps keep student parking organized in the Third Street Parking Lot.
Photo by Maya ’14
1:30 p.m.
At this time, the security guards who work the first shift, which begins at 5a.m. are replaced with those who work the second shift. Hernandez briefs the security staff members serving the new shift about any special events going on and their specific duties for the day.
Photo by Claudia ’15
2:45 p.m.
When the school day is officially over, Hernandez returns to the Rossmore Avenue Driveway to manage pick-ups, buses and the departure of students off campus. He is responsible for directing oncoming traffic on Third Street. Photo by Lori ’14
5:00 p.m.
As the second wave of students leaves campus after team practices and extracurriculars, Hernandez directs the late bus traffic. He ensures that the last students exit the School safely during rush hour on Rossmore Avenue. Photo by Maya ’14
7:00 p.m.
After a long day of work, Hernandez leaves campus. Other members of the security team stay until 11 p.m. to monitor the School and reset the alarm.
Photo by Mikaela ’13