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Alternative Study Techniques

Put down the flashcards and try fun study methods! Photo by flickr user sterlic.

Welcome back to school! Whether it is your first year here or your last, nobody wants to study, but luckily for you, I worked last year (between my endless collection of practice tests and Skype study sessions) to compile a list of procrastination methods that you can claim are really helping you study.

  1. School House Rock!
    Remember these videos? Well, they’re all on YouTube, and there is most definitely a section of videos for all your studying needs. Want to study the Revolutionary War? Try watching Shot Heard ‘Round the World, or maybe No More Kings. And if you’re like me, about to be stranded in a biology test without a calculator, maybe you need to review your multiplication tables with Three Is A Magic Number.
  1. Music in a Foreign Language!
    What better way to study a language than listening to some amazing music? I’m sure listening Celine Dion sing La Vie en Rose can expand your vocabulary, or perhaps my favorite Spanish rapper (Ana Tijoux) can teach you something new. Her song 1977 taught me a couple Spanish numbers, and I don’t even take that class! (Unfortunately, Latin girls, I’m afraid you’re out of luck in this area).
  1. Watch Forrest Gump!
    We all know this movie, and I’m sure you’re wondering how I could tie this into exam studying, but think about it. Picture yourself in the APUSH exam, struggling to remember the order of these three events: Watergate, desegregation of schools, ping-pong diplomacy. Well, just think: what was the order in the movie? Forrest Gump probably covers most of the history you need to know between 1960 and 1980 (or at least, I hope).

Happy first day of school!