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Pajama Party

Pair of comfortable slippers. Photo by flickr user weeta.
Friday, Nov. 18 may have been Marlborough’s annual pajama day, but in fact, it was much more than that. Students who chose to wear their pajamas to school brought in a toy or toiletry to be packaged for holiday donations. All-School Council provided the students with their second “study break” of the year: hot chocolate on the front bricks. In an effort to be more eco-friendly this year, Council also gave marshmallows to students who brought in their own mugs.

The always popular footed pajamas were among the outfit choices, but this year, were also worn by some faculty members as well as students. If you weren’t in a onesie, then you were probably bundled up in a snuggie or a robe of some sort. Uggs, normally the shoe of choice for many students on pajama day, were surpassed by fluffy slippers in popularity.

When it came down to it, students were all about comfort in their own pajamas. Since it was a rainy day, students were especially happy they could wear a few extra layers and enjoy their warm hot chocolate. It’s funny what a great effect slightly colder weather, pajamas and slippers can have on the student population. Perhaps Marlborough should consider pajama days more often; it really felt like one giant sleepover.