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OLE Hosts Celebración

Capoeira dancers taught Marlborough girls a lesson on the field after their ASM performance. Photo by Chris Colthart.

This October, OLE (Organized Latina Exchange) hosted the second annual Celebración, a month-long celebration of Latin American heritage. OLE decorated the East Atrium with flags of Latin American countries, which remained hanging all month.

The club started off the month with colorful piñatas hanging among the flags, ready to be whacked by students and faculty alike on Oct. 5. A churro truck also visited the school that day, delivering their delicious, cinnamony, sweet creations to the community.

On Oct. 10, OLE hosted their first All-School Meeting, where students enjoyed the performance of capoeira, a Brazilian martial-art and form of dance.

“We wanted to highlight some of the various aspects of our culture,” Co-President of OLE Sonia ’14 said. “Something new was including Brazil to the celebration.”

OLE then hosted a lunchtime discussion on Oct. 15 between Marlborough students and influential members of the Latina community. Ms. Wendy Carilloa  radio journalist, Ms. Sylvia Lopez, a news anchor, and Dr. Magdalena Arenas, a pulmonologist, spoke about being successful as a minority, as well as a woman, in the workplace.

“It was great to hear the stories of successful Latina women,” Sonia said. “It inspired me, and [the challenges the women spoke of] will only serve in pushing me to strive for more.”