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Fire Drill Mishaps

Pages of books going up in flames. Photo by flickr user LearningLark.

The 20 minutes wasted standing on the field instead of in class learning something of relative importance is so obnoxious it makes me not want to go to School. On Nov. 21 the fire alarm went off in the middle of H period and again in the end. TWICE in one hour.

The first thing I thought of as the annoying beeping continued to blare was “NOO,” which was probably inappropriate considering the School could potentially be on fire but, of course, the School was not up in flames. The torrential weekend rain somehow impacted the smoke alarms, which was the cause of all the chaos. Hopefully the School will get this fixed, and fast, because my ears are already damaged enough from the loud music I play on my iPod, RIP Steve Jobs.

In all seriousness, the students are not taking the fire drills seriously anymore. We always have unexpected fire drills that are due to smoke alarms going off because of burnt popcorn or the Bunsen burner in the science lab rooms. The day that the School is actually on fire is going to be extremely dangerous since most students will just think it is another dumb fire drill and will saunter out of their classrooms expecting another idiotic reason for the fire alarms going off, only to be surprised by the ARC or Caswell Hall in flames. Hopefully this day never comes, but if it does, we all know that the students, mainly I, will not take it seriously. So good luck to the company that fixes the alarms, because  another three or four mishaps and no one is going to get off their butts to walk outside, only to be surprised when they are suddenly encased in flames that are eating at the wooden desks and books around them.