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Erasers With a New Bite

Inedible food erasers still manage to look appetizing. Photo by flickr user bopeepo.

In any Asian store you will find many odd items that you can waste your money on like pointless, expensive key chains or bags or folders. One particular item that you will ALWAYS find is erasers in the form of food, animals or odd shapes. Spending 99 cents on the adorable erasers is definitely the best decision you will make in the five minutes you spend wandering the store. You will find many ways to make use of these awesome objects.

Most people do not use these cute erasers since they are too cute to destroy!! You basically just use them to brag to your friends and make them green with envy until they go and buy some too. And next thing you know, you have a full-on eraser war.
These ingenious erasers may even be so realistic that your friend might steal the eraser, thinking it is food, and try to eat it, but she will be thoroughly disgusted by the horrific taste of rubber. That will teach your friend to never steal your food again.
Another way to use these erasers is to use them for entertainment while your teacher drones on and on about information you do not care about. Playing with these erasers will easily pass a 45 minute period. The block periods are, however, another problem. I suggest playing with the erasers WITH a friend. You might think that this is rude to your teacher, but if you really think about it, would you rather fall asleep on your desk snoring or stay wide-awake and just subtly not pay attention to your teacher?